Hello, good day and good night!
My name is Kris, welcome to my profile carrd. This will have all the information available about me so you don't have to ask me! ♡


intp • Asian • she/her • aries • 04/19 • minor

English-speaking only, artist commissioner, aspiring writer, former small YouTuber, highschooler — personality; listless, daydreamer, focused, dumb, socially anxious, introverted, mature, paranoid

webcomics, art, anime, novels, gacha games, video games, youtube, sluty men, drawing, writing, programming, boys love
negativity, unnecessary drama, and disputes, unwanted spam, uncanny valley horror, trolls, undesirable absurd woke statements
omniscient reader, five night's at freddy's, honkai star rail, genshin impact, love and deepspace, Hatsune: colorful stage, scp foundation, omori, danganronpa, stardew valley, demon slayer, debut or die, monochrome rumor, turning, and more

projects;Outer Worldly Shenanigans — game development project
• a romance visual novel game featuring two ikemen characters from another world! — one who had a grueling development and the other pleads with the struggle of his past actions.
Ephemeral flower petals — novel proposal concept
• an urban, slice-of-life, thriller story that showcases a male protagonist with a suspicious yet beautiful female lead as his best childhood friend. but our precious protagonist finds something strange along his journey...

work in progress